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About Gingi™

is an art-inspired lifestyle product line developed by Dr. Ginger Lai, a clinical psychologist.  Her celebrity unisex skincare line is an official presenter's gift for the Oscar®, Emmy® and Grammy® Awards for many years.
Her love for art, beauty and a healthy lifestyle inspired Dr. Lai to create a line of vegan non-GMO cosmetics with the packaging design of her artwork. 
Dr. Lai is a contemporary and abstract oil and water color artist who exhibits in museums and galleries worldwide. Her background as a psychologist leads her purpose of art to bring happiness to people.  Her vibration and colors in her paintings help uplift our spirit. The greeting card series in this lifestyle line demonstrate beautiful artworks that she expressed in each exhibition.
She also began designing fine art jewelry when she discovered the beauty of natural gemstones.  Wearing GINGI™ original fine art jewelry, hand made in America is a statement that a woman need not strive to be unique when she simply continues to be one of a kind. We hope that you will enjoy this product line that Dr. Lai is presenting to you.