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The GINGI™ unisex skincare product line has been sharing the spotlight with Hollywood's biggest stars. For the last several years, the Emmy®, Grammy® and Academy Awards® selected GINGI™ products as part of the exclusive official presenters' gifts. Like most famous Hollywood stars, GINGI™'s overnight success was years in the making. Through hard work and dedication to the highest quality products, this simple yet exceptional unisex skincare line has become a winner in Hollywood and around the world.

The evolution of the GINGI™ Cellular Revitalizing System is firmly rooted in the philosophy that quality and simplicity are the root of success. The mission of GINGI™'s originators has been a simple one; to create an easy to use set of unisex skincare products using the purest water and the finest highest quality natural ingredients available. This mission led GINGI™'s founders to a group of German scientists who have served the worldwide skincare industry for many years. These scientists, under the direction of GINGI™'s founders, formulated a skincare product line using the finest botanicals and purified water - because your skin deserves only the finest in quality. But the quality of what goes into GINGI™ unisex skincare products is only the beginning.

GINGI™ pays attention not only to what goes in its products, but to their presentation as well. GINGI™'s high quality packaging and design are a reflection of the quality within - which makes GINGI™ an excellent choice for gifts for a loved one or valuable business associate or even yourself.
Designed as a complete unisex skincare system, GINGI™ addresses the entire process of proper cleansing and hydrating skin in a simple and elegant collection of unisex skincare products. Whether as a gift or for personal use, patrons of GINGI™ will see the virtues of simplicity and quality in every product we make.


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