Combination Skin

Combination skin, especially in the twenty to thirty-five year-old age range, is the most common. Combination skin characterizes itself in a variety of ways. An individual may experience an oily T-zone and dryness, dehydration or even normal skin functioning on the rest of the face and body. Likewise the extent of each characteristic can vary widely as well.

Some of the combinations one may encounter are

Slightly oily / normal		Oily / normal		Very oily / normal
Slightly oily / dry		Oily / dry		Very oily / dry
Slightly oily / very dry 	Oily / very dry 	Very oily / very dry

Occasionally there is confusion in accurately diagnosing this skin type, especially if the individual has leaned toward the oily or very oily side. Upon engaging the client in conversation, it is frequently found that he/she has been using harsh cleaners and abrasive exfoliators on their skin, which can lead to over-drying and promote sensitivity.

Likewise an individual with a dry/normal combination type may be using an overabundance of moisturizer, giving the appearance of an oilier skin type when in fact the area is more normal to dry.

Combination skin can be frustrating. Balancing oil production can leave the dryer areas of the skin flaky and sensitive. In the process of treating dryness and sensitivity, it can lead to breakouts in the T-zone. The solution lies in restoring the skins natural balance, improving hydration and protecting the skin against the onslaught of the environment.

The concerns the client may exhibit

  • Skin sensitivity and/or irritation.

  • Flakiness and/or excessive dryness.

  • Frustration with products that do not appear to be working.
These concerns usually stem from

  • Improper skin care.

  • Misuse of products.

  • Misdiagnosis of skin type and wrong product recommendations.

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