Skincare Basics

As skin care professionals we most often encounter consumers who wait until they have a particular concern before they seek the advice of a professional. While it’s true that more consumers are seeking preventative measures, and many want to understand the underlying cause of their condition, by and large their first contact with a professional skin care line is usually results from some change to their skin.

While we are used to treating the "cause", which has more to do with the condition of the skin, the consumer is focused on a particular “concern.” Concerns are likely to center around the skin’s appearance more then the underlying cause. For example, a client with dry or dehydrated skin will be more concerned with the fine lines and wrinkles that are forming on their skin then they are with the dryness or dehydration.

It is helpful for us to remember that while we speak about the source of the skin’s condition, what the client is really interested in knowing is how the products and treatments will benefit them and their particular concern. (In the above example, how the products and treatments will diminish their fine lines and wrinkles and help prevent new ones from forming). Open communication is equally as important as client education, but allowing the client to feel that their concerns have been truly heard is stressed even more strongly.

The common concerns of the skin care professional are:

  • Fine lines.

  • Wrinkles.

  • Loss of skin tone, firmness.

  • Skin sensitivity and/or irritation.

  • Broken capillaries and/or redness.

  • Breakouts.

  • Flakiness and/or excessive dryness.

  • Discoloration and/or blotchiness.

  • Frustration with products that don’t seem to work.

While the clients' concerns have more to do with the appearance of their skin, skin conditions have to do with the diagnosis of skin type and the underlying cause of concern.

The most common skin conditions are:

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