Dehydrated Skin

Where as the primary cause of dry skin is its lack of oil, Dehydrated Skin is due to a lack of water in the cellular system and intercellular channels. Along with combination skin, this is one of the most common skin conditions.

Dehydration may be the result of a number of different explanations. Lack of oil, i.e. dry skin may promote skin dehydration because there is insufficient oil to retain moisture. Excessive perspiration is another possible cause, as are stress, caffeine, too little water intake, smoking and an assortment of other antagonists. When oily or acne skin becomes dehydrated the condition can be difficult to treat. The surface cells harden up and block oil secretion. In turn this traps oil and in the case of acne, bacteria, underneath the corneum layer.

This skin type is particularly sensitive to atmospheric conditions, such as too much sun, wind, excessive heat, and dry arid climates. An individual with this skin type may have a false sense that saunas and steam baths help his/her condition because the sebaceous glands temporarily go into overdrive with their use. The truth, however, is that the individual is losing more moisture with their use; they are therefore contraindicated for this skin type.

Dry and dehydrated skin can exhibit many of the same signs: fine lines, flakiness, excessive dryness, as well as loss of skin tone, broken capillaries and ashen complexion. The primary reason for dry skin is the underproduction of oil. Conversely, dehydrated skin arises from a lack of water.

The concerns the client may exhibit

  • Skin sensitivity and/or irritation.

  • Flakiness and/or excessive dryness.

  • Fine lines, and wrinkles.

  • Loss of skin tone, firmness and elasticity.

  • Broken capillaries.

  • Ashen complexion.
These concerns usually stem from

  • Less protection from the environment because the stratums moisture retention is impaired.

  • The slow down of cellular metabolism and water absorption brought about by age.

  • Environmental factors such as sun, wind, and heat.

  • Dietary factors such as caffeine. Too little water consumption.

  • Lifestyle factors such as stress, lack of sleep, frequent air travel, or smoking.

  • Ingestion of certain medications and use of diuretics.

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