Couperose [Red] Skin

Identified as a temporary or chronic redness of the face, Couperose Skin is the result of poor elasticity in the capillarian wall. When an individual blushes, encounters excessive heat or other stimuli, there is a sudden rush of blood which expands the capillaries. Under normal conditions, when the blood recedes, the capillaries contract. However, as in the case of couperose skin, if the capillarian wall is not sufficiently elastic, it will expand but may not contract to its original shape and size.

This results in a distended capillary that will hold blood cells within its walls, giving the appearance of localized or diffused redness. The surface of the skin will exhibit small, winding, dilated, bright red vessels on cheeks, around the nose and sometimes on the chin.

Dramatic changes in temperature, hot to cold, and excessive heat can aggravate this condition. Digestive disorders, and nervous disorders are also known to worsen it as well. To be avoided is the consumption of spicy foods and very hot liquids, the use of saunas steams and excessively hot or cold water.

Couperose skin is distinguished as rough skin with a ruddy complexion. Broken capillaries may or may not be present. Furthermore, couperose skin is sensitive and easily affected by changes in temperature. Nourishing and gentle care is most appropriate for this skin type.

The concerns the client may exhibit

  • Broken capillaries and redness.

  • Uneven, ruddy complexion.
These concerns usually stem from

  • Poor elasticity in the capillarian wall.

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