Puffy Eyes & Bags

Puffy eyes are caused when fluid gets trapped under the eye, and is usually most severe when you wake up.

In some cases, allergies and sinus problems may also contribute to puffiness. (If you think puffiness and bags may be a result of allergies, consult a physician for treatment, such as Claritin.)

If the problem isn't due to a medical condition, some quick-fix solutions are:
  • Applying cool cucumber slices or tea bags, which will help in the short term by reducing swelling;

  • Steering clear of salt and alcohol (especially the night before an event);

  • Exercising, which will help your body get rid of excess water;

  • Raising your pillow when you sleep, so that your head is higher than the rest of your body.

Application: Gently tap the eye area with the ring finger, no pulling or tugging, above eyebrow, and top of the cheek.

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