Normal Skin

Normal skin is probably the most atypical to come across. It is simply radiant with perfect hydration, muscle tone and elasticity. The germinative layer is functioning optimally, with strong cellular activity, good blood circulation, and a balanced metabolism. The corneum layer is neither too thick nor thin, and the complexion is healthy and vibrant as a result.

In normal skin there are no visible lines or wrinkles. One reason is because we usually only encounter normal skin in young children, the best example being those under the age of puberty. On occasion we may also encounter a close resemblance of normal skin in adults who were prone to oily skin during their younger years. Here however, the cellular activity is not as strong as it is it in the prepubescent, normal skin individuals. Likewise, the tone and complexion of the skin may be somewhat impaired.

The primary reason why normal skin is so rare is due to aging. As one matures the skin has a tendency to lose its perfect balance. Other contributors to this change include insufficient water intake, poor diet, insufficient sleep and stress, as well as a host of additional factors.

Ironically, many teenagers who could in fact have normal skin do not, due to their poor dietary habits and improper skin care. It is quite common to find young adults eating food that is devoid of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, all of which are important to maintaining normal skin. Very often, soda and coffee account for the majority of their fluid consumption; and harsh soaps are used in lieu of skin specific cleansers.

Normal skin requires proper cleansing, morning and night. A light, protective moisturizer for the day and a hydrating moisturizer at night, as well as the daily use of sun protection should be the prescribed skincare protocol. The earlier one starts caring for ones skin, the longer lasting the results will be.

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