In Touch

In Touch:

Stars' Beauty Secret
Fresh-faced Rebecca Gayheart, who stars on the TV show Vanished, knows a thing or two about vanishing herself - when it comes to wrinkles, that is! She and other skin-savvy celebs like Natalie Portman and Mariah Carey turn to Gingi™'s Instant Eye Lift Masks to banish lines, wrinkles and dark circles.
In Touch

In Touch:

Supernatural Beauty
Gingi™'s Refreshing Toning Water is one of the best-kept beauty secrets on the set of Ghost Whisperer. Co-stars Jennifer Love Hewitt and Aisha Tyler get their glow with Gingi™'s all-natural skincare products, which are made from filtered water and ingredients like ginkgo biloba, royal jelly and ginseng. The unixes line has also been scooped up by Marc Anthony and Ricky Martin.


48th Annual Grammy® Awards Presenters & Performers Gift Bag Giveaway!
The giveaway features products from Pretty Punk, Hollywood prescription lip treatment, Mary Kay beauty, Gingi™ Skincare products and much, much more!


Inside Tricia Helfer's Purse
I always have Gingi™ facial absorbent paper (in lavender) that takes away the shine without having to keep powdering. I don't wear makeup unless I have to, but the papers work great for shine with or without makeup on.


Anti-Pigmentation Cream
With a light green tea scent, Anti-pigmentation Cream not only helps remove pigmentation, but with continued use helps prevent new pigmentation from forming. The Anti-Pigmentation Cream can be applied as a daily moisturizer after cleaning and toning, or can be applied after any Gingi™ moisturizer mornings and evenings.
American Spa

American Spa:

Light Cellular Hydrating Moisturizer
Gingi™'s Light Cellular Hydrating Moisturizer stablilizers skin sensitivity and aids the oxygenation process. The product's aloe gel hydrates, softens, regulates moisture, and absorbs UV light.


Breast Firming Masks
Defy gravity with individual cone-shaped breast masks to smooth and lift - perfect for spring's sexy plunging necklines.


Breast Firming Masks
These treatments tighten and tone delicate breast tissue. Ten percentage of proceeds fo to breast cancer causes.


Gingi™ Citrus Sun Care
This non-oily sun block reflects UV radiation with titanium dioxide and zine oxide. It also rejuvenates sun-damaged skin and has a refreshing citrus scent.


Man Is the Head of The Family, Women The Neck That Turns The Head.
The heart-shaped Gingi™ Neck Firming Mask works on the neck and décolleté with hyaluronic acid, glycerine and licorice to firm and condition.


Celebrity Treatment
Not only the nominees for the Oscars received star treatment - Gingi™, a luxurious new unisex skin care line, was selected for inclusion in the exclusive Academy Awards® presenter basket.


Cellular Revitalizing system
Gingi™ extends its Cellular Revitalizing system with the Breast Firming Masks, Instant Eye Lift Cream, and Instant Eye List Mask. The moist, cone-shaped breast Firming Masks contain rose water, enderline extract and hispagel. Actives such as olive leaf extracts, fennel and eyebright work to reduce fine lines, puffiness and darkness around eyes in the cream and mask.


From Start to Finish
Gingi™ line of unisex natural skin care products considers the whole process of proper cleaning and hydration, providing the ultimate in purity and simplicity.
Family Circle

Family Circle:

Green Tea Face and Body Mist
Yes, the goal may be 8 hours of shut-eye a night, but life can get in the way. To instantly refresh a tired complexion, spritz on a rejuvenating face mist. For even more pep, stash in the fridge between uses.


Get Perky
Put your best chest forward with Gingi™ Breast Firming Masks.


Green Tea Face and Body Mist
Gingi™'s delughtful fresh and filtered unisex mist is a must for anyone who likes to smell nice but hates traditional cologne.
Skin Inc

Skin Inc:

Breast Firming Masks
Firm, cleanse, tone, and moisturize the breasts.


Cellular Revitalizing System
Gingi™ products use all-natural botanical ingredients with purified water to create a holistic skin care regimen. The Cellular Revitalizing System comes complete with Make-Up Removal Clarifying Cleanser, Deep Comforting Cleanser, Refreshing Toning Water, Light Cellular Hydrating Moisturizer, and their new Green Tea Face and Body Mist.
The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter:

Royal Treatment
Included in this year's Emmy® presenter's gift bag are products from Sprint, Dove, Gingi™, and wines from Beaulieu Vineyard.
Houston Home & Lifestyles

Houston Home & Lifestyles:

Replenish, Repair, and Nourish Your Skin with Gingi™
Fall skin care can be complicated and challenging. First, there is much repairing to do from the skin damaging effects of summer. Second, the changing temperatures and dry fall months deplete moisture and nutrients from the skin. And lastly, fall is also the time to nourish and prepare for the bitterness of winter. Luckily, Gingi™ makes skin care simple through all seasons with their luxurious Cellular Revitalizing System.


Breast Firming Masks
Nicknamed the "Boob Facial", these disposable, cone-shaped treatment sheets were featured at the Academy Awards®; the star, including Pierce Brosnan and his wife, were left clamoring for more.
MetroSource LA

Metro Source LA:

Luxurious Gift Baskets
For a modern twist on "cucumber slices on the eyelids", try INSTANT EYE LIFT MASKS (Box of 6 pairs) from Gingi™. Powerful anti-aging ingredients help retain moisture, combat bags and dark circles, and cool and reduce puffiness with Cucumber extract.


Bosom Buddies
Gravity isn't always a friend. There are some things that defy the rules of gravity, like our beloved bosom buddy Gingi™ Breast Firming Masks. The only thing that should sag as it grows are grapes from a tree. So with the help of Gingi™, you can grow and keep the texture. Take pleasure with the innovative sheets made with rosewater, hyaluronic acid and Enderline extract to cleanse, smooth and firm your breasts.


Gingi™ Skincare
Gingi™ merges modern technology with proven principles of skincare tradition into one reputable icon for beauty. Extracting from nature's best Gingi™ is a leader in exceptional skincare.Gingi™ provides a complete solution to all skin types of all ages.
Cosmetics International

Cosmetics International:

And The Oscar Goes to Gingi™ Skin Care...
One of the hottest skin care brands in the U.S. right now is Gingi™ skin care. It may not be one of the biggest names, but it's certainly one to watch. Chosen this year for the official Academy Awards® presenter basket. Gingi™ is a unisex range where smell and texture are important. It is not strongly fragranced and used natural ingredients.


Gingi™ Spotted at The Grammy® Awards
Gingi™ unisex skin care products were showcased in this year's Grammy® gift basket. Recipients sampled a selection of products including the company's Green Tea Face and Body Mist and Neck Firing Mask.
n The Magazine of Naples

n The Magazine of Naples:

Star-Caliber Skin
This holiday season,Gingi™, a pure and simple unisex skincare line that uses all-natural botanicals with aromatherapy, has created the ultimate star treatment gift. The gift set was deemed star quality in the Academy Awards® Presenter Gift Baskets.
The Advocate

The Advocate:

Unisex SkinCare
Gingi™ unisex skincare. Pure, simple and luxurious, Gingi™ gift sets were given out to presenters at the Academy Awards®. Give someone you love the star treatment.


Neck Firming Mask
Gingi™ luxurious unisex skincare products were included in the Emmy®, the Grammy®, and the Academy Awards®, gift bags. Gingi™ is loved by celebrities and can be seen in various magazines. This heart-shpaed neck mask is designed to firm and moisturize the skin. It can soothes and firm the skin and soften and condition. Also, it helps reduce blemishes and relex.

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