Dry Skin

Dry skin is the result of underactivity of the sebaceous glands. But when exhibited in younger individuals, it is predominately hereditary. The layers of the stratum corneum are thinner, promoting greater stress for this skin type. The protective barrier is somewhat compromised and becomes more difficult to retain water, which in turn causes dehydration. The primary culprit is the lack of oil. Without sufficient amounts this 'cellular cement', the top layer doesn't retain the cells, hence the thinner skin. Likewise, the amount of water retained is also impaired.

Aside from genetics, dry skin is also the consequence of the normal aging process. With the progression of time, all bodily functions begin to slow. Cellular turnover, the time it takes for new cells to journey from the germinative to the stratum layer, is greatly reduced. At the same time the skin's water retaining abilities have diminished, resulting in thinner and dryer skin over time.

Dry skin tends to be filled with tiny, superficial lines, and usually prone to wrinkles. Pores are almost invisible; there is less elasticity and poorer skin tone, as well. Dry skin problems are exacerbated by exposure to the sun, heat, wind and dramatic shifts in temperature.

Dry skin is especially susceptible to the damaging effects of the environment. The underactive sebaceous glands result in dry and flaky skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are more apparent, and skin may be highly sensitive or easily irritated. Dry skin is prone to premature aging, so the early use of treatment masks will be helpful and beneficial.

The concerns the client may exhibit

  • Skin sensitivity and/or irritation.

  • Flakiness and/or excessive dryness.

  • Fine lines, and wrinkles.

  • Loss of skin tone, firmness and elasticity.
These concerns usually stem from

  • Thinner skin, which means less protection from the environment.

  • The slow down of cellular activity brought about by age.

  • The skin’s inability to retain moisture.

  • Overexposure to the sun.

  • Ingestion of certain medications.

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